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Research and Development

Society of Cosmetological Research and Studies

The reasearch has always been a priority field for the SOTHYS Group. Recognized for its skills, SOREDEC employs biologists, biochemists, pharmacists, beauticians, chemists and physicists who dedicate themselves to the following activities :

  • Research of new cosmetic concepts,
  • Innovation and constant improvement of beauty cares techniques, cosmetic products formulation and evaluation,
  • Creation of new products,
  • Knowledge of national and international policies,
  • Permanent support to production units.

The multidisciplunarity of its skills represents one of the major assets of SOREDEC which leads especially deep researches on strategic subjects :
  • The sensory dimension in cosmetic :

: "Optimizing and Researching for new textures that strengthen the pleasure when using the product"
Perfumes: "Optimize the perfumes choices on our products in order to develop the well-being dimension"
Sensory analysis : "Thanks to a sample group of expert, be able to characterize in a very precise way the sensory properties of our products in order to conceive products adapted to the consumers's expectations."