Glossary A


- Extract
Tree coming from Asia, cultivated for its fruits
Properties : Moisturizing
Present in : Sculpting Bottom Gel, Tightening Bust Gel

- Oil 

Obtained thanks to fruits
Properties : Hydrating, emollient, soothing
Present in :
Calming BIlberry fluid , Two-pepper peeling, Cretan diet serum 

Aloe vera
Plant of tempered and arid areas with leafs that contain sap
Properties : Hydrating*, anti-inflammatory, calming
Present inHemp bamboo care

Angogeissus leiocarpus
- Bark
The bark of this African tree is recognized for its therapeutic properties.
Properties : contributes to the stimulation of collagen synthesis, antioxidant
Present in :
Anti-ageing Time Interceptor rich cream, Anti-ageing Time Interceptor light cream, Anti-ageing Time Interceptor serum, Anti-ageing Time Interceptor rich mask, Anti-ageing Time Interceptor treatment