Glossary K

Pure alumina silicate. It is a white, crumbly, translucent, pulverulent substance in crystal or clayey mass
Properties : Absorbs the sebum excess, covering
Present in : Pepper Mint tinted cream, Fragile capillaries mask, Tribal treatment, Oily zones Lemon mask, Oily skin Lemon treatment, Clarifying treatment, Intense brightening kiwi treatment Mask

- kiwi extract with pagoda tree roots
Properties : inhibits the tyrosinase activity (enzyme responsible of the melanin synthesis) and inhibits the hyaluronidase activity (enzyme responsible of the hyaluronic acid deterioration)
Present in :
Intense brightening kiwi care Lotion, Intense brightening kiwi care SerumIntense brightening kiwi care Cream Anti-ageing radiance night cream Intense brightening kiwi care, Intense brightening kiwi treatment