Glossary L

- Essential oil
Perennial shrub with blue flowers in ear, delicately scented, grows in abundance in calcareous ground
Properties : Astringent, calming, anti-inflammatory
Present in : Draining honey treatment

Properties : Purifying, toning, soft exfoliating, astringent, antiseptic
Present in
: Nutricprotective Cocoa cream, gel and serum, Clarifying treatment 

- Essential oil
Bactericidal, astringent, purifying, stimulating and toning.
Present in
: Slimming spicy treatment, Draining honey treatment, Oily skin Lemon care, Purifying treatment, Five-spice draining gel

Very resistant plant formed by the association of mushroom and seaweed living in symbiosis
Properties : Astringent, purifying, decongestant, calming
Present in : Clarifying treatment