Glossary M

- Oil
Tree of 12-15m with clusters of 10 nuts about, native to Australia.
The only vegetal oil whose composition of fatty acid is similar to the one of human sebum.
Properties : Nourishing, calming, hydrating*, softening. It is used against the pregnant marks, stretch marks, wrinkles and cracks due to weight variation
Present in : Australian Soothing cream

Tropical fruit from a tall tree of India and Birmany
Properties : Hydrating, softening. Protects and repairs the stressed skin
Present in : Ginger and mango massage butter, Nutmeg and Star Anis Post Depilatory Milk

Variety of holly (8 to 12 m) with evergreen leaves, white flowers and fruits look like to little black purple drupes. Named tea of Paraguay too, it grows in South America in the Paraguay and Brazil forests where the leaves roasted and pulverized give, infused in hot water, a stimulating drink
Properties : anti-free radical, anti-oxidizing, light protective and anti-fragile capillaries properties
Present in : South American Protective cream