Glossary P

Pagoda tree
- pagoda tree roots with kiwi
Properties : inhibits the tyrosinase activity (enzyme responsible of the melanin synthesis) and inhibits the hyaluronidase activity (enzyme responsible of the hyaluronic acid deterioration)
Present in :
Intense brightening kiwi care Lotion, Intense brightening kiwi care SerumIntense brightening kiwi care Cream Anti-ageing radiance night cream Intense brightening kiwi care, Intense brightening kiwi treatment

Edible exotic fruit native of Central America.
Properties : Soft exfoliating, anti free radical 
Present in : Nutriprotective Cocoa cream,gel and serum, North and Central American Oxygenating serum

Pepper of Jaimaica
Hot pepper resulting mainly of Jamaica. This spice has a typical aromatic smell.
Properties : Toning, stimulating
Present in : Two-pepper peeling, Five-spice draining gel, Five-spice sculpting gel