Glossary S

Aromatic sub-shrub with hairy stems and purplish blue flowers, native to North cost of the Mediterranean
Properties : Astringent, purifying, relieves congestion
Present in : Oily skin lotion, Clarifying treatment

Saint John's wort
Common in Europe, America and North of Africa, it is a perennial herbaceous plant.
Properties : Protective, anti-inflammatory, astringent, stimulates the cell renewal
Present in : Milk for all skins, Calming Bilberry mousse

- Oil
Indian oleaginous plant, high content in natural antioxidants (sésamol) 
Properties : Hydrating*, nourrishing, regenerating, anti-free radicals
Present in : Mango and Ginger butter massage, Oily skin Lemon care, Delicate skin BIlberry care, Bottom sculpting gel