Glossary W

Waltheria Indica
Extract of a native flower plant from Hawaï and some areas in India and Africa of the Sterculiacees family
Properties : with citric, gluconic and ferulic acid, inhibits the tyrosinase activity (enzyme responsible of the melanin synthesis), helps to the desquamation of the epidermis superficial layers
Present in
Intense brightening kiwi care Cream

- Extrait
Japonese plant's root.
Properties : Antioxydant, Anti-microbial
Present in : Firming Wasabi Fluid

Water Lily
- Flower
Aquatic plant grows in warm or temperate countries and its tall, round leaves spread out on water
Properties : Hydrating, anti-free radical
Present in : Nutmeg and Star Anise Post-depilatory milk, Anti-ageing radiance night cream Intense brightening kiwi care