AHA Superfruits dermabrasion treatment

(Duration : 30min)
In your beauty salon, discover the new dermabrasion treatment with superfruits AHAs...
An express treatment combining cosmeceutic and pleasure, ideal to prepare your skin to receive a course of treatment.

More targeted results on exfoliation!
Discover a new peeling formula twice more concentrated in AHA **
A power also increased with POMEGRANATE extracts:
- The flower to protect and smooth the skin
- The fruit to provide essential vitamins and minerals

To have a beautiful skin, it is important to exfoliate to:
> Improve cell renewal
> Smooth superficial imperfections
> Restore the radiance of your skin
> Allow better penetration of skin care

Recommended frequency: 1 session every 3 weeks

*19.95% d’AHA
(**An effervescence and a slight tingling sensation appear naturally
during the dermabrasion. Use a sunscreen and limit sun exposure
while using these products.)