Bamboo-Aloe-vera* Hydra-nutrition treatment


(Duration: 1h)


The Bernard Cassière answer suitable for all dehydrated skin types, lacking firmness and elasticity. The Hydra-nutrition treatment provides skin nutrition and hydration thanks to a Bamboo-Aloe-vera* complex.

The Bamboo-Aloe-vera peeling renews the skin thanks to a combination of Bamboo and Aloe-vera* extracts, shea nut butter** and rice powder.
The Acovado - sweet almond hyper-nutritive serum helps to maintain the hydration barrier and attenuate the skin dryness.
The Bamboo - Aloe-vera hydra-nourishing massage cream nourishes and hydrates the skin.
The Collagen & hyaluronic acid double hydration mask is made to supple, soft and rehydrate the skin. This mask helps to preserve and to protect the skin from the external attacks.
The intensive hydrating treatment Bamboo - Aloe-vera* smoothes and plumps lines.

*Extracted from a fair trade issue
**Organic and extracted from a fair trade issue