Blood Orange DETOX EE treatment

Duration : 45 min.

An energizing and detoxifying treatment mixing pleasure and efficiency in 4 parts:

1-    I reveal the true radiance of my skin thanks to the Blood orange mask-peeling : upon contact with water, its gel texture melts into milk and helps removing dead cells and surface debris to erase dull complexion ;

2- I visibly refresh and firm the features of my facial contour and face, thanks to the massage step, which alternates relaxing, detoxifying and draining movements ;

3- I restore the vitality of my skin thanks to the Vitamin C shot serum for a fresher and more dynamic appearance ;

4- I give a new breath of life with the EE cream, for a perfect skin texture, a uniform complexion, without make-up effect.

Results of the tests:

Complexion radiance: +50%*

Skin texture: +26%*

*Technical expertise on 20 models after one DETOX treatment.