Deep cleansers

Deep cleansers
This creamy product deeply cleanses the epidermis. Leaves the skin supple, soft and ready to receive care products. It eliminates dead cells ans impurities in depth. Real blow of brightness, this product is adapted to any skin type.


Cleanser gel for oily skins 
A water-based cleanser for deep cleaning and freshness. Enriched with regulating actives (burdock and yeast), it lightens the complexion and eliminates sebum excesses.


With its soft cleaning base and superfine, polishing micro-granules, it refines the skin and eliminates dead cells, leaving the skin smooth and refined.


Daily cleanser
With its creamy and foaming texture, the soft cleanser gently eliminates all impurities and make up without drying out the skin. It contains cornflower aromatics that provide astringent and softening properties. Designed for daily use, morning and evening.