Blood orange « VITAMIN C SHOT » SERUM
Overdone it lately, tired, stressed, exposed to urban pollution?
Like you, your skin can become exhausted and needs to recharge its batteries! This phial contains the required dose of an energizing serum to regain a revitalized, fresh looking skin. The DETOX’ complex (blood orange extract + tangerine essential oil), enriched with vitamin C, helps fight these daily attacks, protecting the skin and improving its quality. A combination of 4 vital minerals has been added to optimize the cutaneous dynamism and to visibly fight the appearance of signs of tiredness. The formula also contains a firming peptide and hyaluronic acid* for a smooth and refreshed complexion.
7 days cure: apply half a phial in the morning, the other half in the evening, to a well cleansed face and neck, before the cream, to give a new breath of life to your skin.
*sodium hyaluronate.



Tinted - SPF15 - Hydrating - Anti-wrinkle - Firming - EnergizingThe innovative texture of the EE cream magically transforms your complexion to naturally refresh your skin and give it a well-rested appearance. The DETOX’ complex (blood orange extract + tangerine essential oil), enriched with vitamin C and polyphenols, helps fight against daily attacks by scavenging urban pollution, and improving skin quality. A firming peptide and a moisturizing agent have been added to visibly enhance facial features and fight the
visible signs of ageing. The EE cream also contains a sunscreen to protect the skin from the visible ageing effects of sun exposure.
Apply on its own or after your day cream (for dry or dehydrated skins) on a well cleansed skin. Blend well to unify the complexion and if necessary reapply to perfectly match your skin tone.