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Chaï-latté Body peeling

Spice up your life with the Chaï-latte body peeling! Especially formulated to tonify your skin, this peel combines an Asiatic black tea extract, famous for its anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties, and extracts of ginger and cinnamon spices to invigorate and purify the skin. The texture and sophisticated fragrance leaves the skin soft and deliciously perfumed. Once or twice a week, use on dry or slightly damp skin with upward circular moves. Rinse the peel off under the shower.
Does not contain milk.


Chaï-latté Body massage cream
The Chaï-latte massage cream with its exquisite texture and sophisticated fragrance has exceptional skin care properties. Formulated with Asiatic black tea and extracts of cinnamon and ginger spices to tonify and purify the skin, the cream is enriched with shea nut butter* famous for its extra-nourishing and hydrating properties and is perfect for use in relaxing massage. Apply to the body with light strokes to nourish the skin, or use as a massage cream.

*Shea nut butter extracted from a fair trade issue.
Does not contain milk.