Well-being bodycare - Sweet and salty universe

Honey and sugar peeling

Enjoy your Honey and Sugar peeling on your skin! The sugar grains
eliminate dead cells, refine the skin and provide radiance and softness. Nourished and smooth, your skin becomes more beautiful.
Use once or twice a week on a dry skin by upwards-circular moves, rinse under the shower. Dry delicately. For a softer peeling, humidify your hands: the sugar grains melt…


Mango-ginger massage butter
This massage balm is especially formulated for a relaxing, anti-stress break… The massage butter contains ginger extract, famous for its tonifying properties, combined with protective and softening wild mango and shea nut butters, to bring suppleness and protection to the skin. Apply to the body to nourish the skin, or use to perform massages. Infuse with light strokes.

Honey hand cream
Softens and protects your hands from climatic injuries. Apply generously whenever you need.