Exceptional results! This innovative two-phase cream is in the service of skins lacking of radiance. The cream contains a complex of propolis extract and shea butter, rich in fatty acids and vitamins for a well nourished skin. The gel contains an exquisite extract of acacia honey. Its soothing properties are released only when mixing the two phases, resulting in a more luminescent skin.

Mix the two phases using a spatula, then apply morning and/or evening on a perfectly cleansed skin.

Contains shea butter extract from a fair trade source.

Royal jelly honey fluid

The royal jelly honey fluid is rich in vital elements (essential amino acids, oligo-elements, vitamins...), to help to rebalance and tonify skins lacking of radiance. It contains a combination of pollen extracts and acacia honey with nourishing and softening properties. The light texture is suitable for young or oily skins.

Apply morning and/or evening on a perfectly cleansed skin. Can be relayed by the honey cream as night care to enhance its nourishing action.