Mineral foot care!


Volcanic rocks feet scrub

This feet scrub contains volcanic rocks to smooth without destroying the protective hydrolipidic film of the skin. The texture favours a tonic exfoliation while providing a freshness sensation to tired or heated feet.

Once or twice a week, apply on wet skin making circular moves, paying particular attention to rough areas (heels). Rinse and gently dry.



Alum stone nourishing balm

This balm has an exquisite and soft texture to pamper tired or heated feet. The formula contains an Alum stone powder to reduce perspiration and corn oil to soften and moisturize the stratum corneum of your skin. Shea nut butter* from Burkina Faso has been added to nourish and repair damaged skin and to fight against the drying effect of the bath or shower.

For an immediate fresh and calming sensation, apply by circular moves, ideally after a volcanic rocks feet scrub.

* Shea nut butter from Fair Trade.