Oily to combination skin care


BLUR Perfecting concentrate

This concentrate is a targeted solution to cover and reduce the appearance of dilated pores.
As a “cream powder” it is an ideal make-up base, reducing visible pores, refining the skin texture and limiting shiny zones during the day. Enantia Chlorantha extract (African tree) and oleanolic acid combine to focus on shiny skin with open pores. Mattifying powders give a very soft, velvety and matte finish to the skin. The skin is balanced, sebum production reduced imperfections eliminated with the cocktail of purifying active ingredients Chilean wild mint – Lemon* and Java tea** integrated in the formula.

Results: dilated pores are immediately blurred, the complexion is unified, and the texture of the skin is refined. 100% non-comedogenic, this product has even demonstrated 31.1% less visible skin imperfections (applied 1/day on
21 people during 28 days) (Technical expertise).

Apply in the morning after your day cream and before your make-up on the targeted zones or the whole face.
Tested under dermatological control. Non-comedogenic.

*Extract of Chilean wild mint and lemon essential oil,
** Extract of Java tea