Oily to combination skin care


Skin imperfections and overproduction of sebum characterizing oily skins are frequently observed among teenagers and
young adults. But hormones and the effects of the environment (pollution, stress) can also encourage overproduction of sebum, blemishes or dilated pores regardless of the age. Indeed, hormone disorders, heat and humidity, even stressful conditions can cause imperfections. The new Bernard Cassière Mint-Lemon line for combination and oily skins targets 3 main problems of this skin type: excess sebum, dilated pores and skin imperfections.

*Extract of Chilean wild mint and lemon essential oil,
** Extract of Java tea
Purity cleansing mousse
The cleansing mousse contains a cocktail of purifying active ingredients Chilean wild mint – Lemon* and Java tea** to eliminate impurities and sebum excess while fighting imperfections, but without drying the skin.

Results: A clearer, smoother and more clarified skin! 35.5% less visible skin imperfections after 28 days of daily use
on 21 people! (Technical expertise).

Apply 3 to 4 pumps of the product on the face and the neck avoiding the eye contour, gently massage on a lightly moistened
skin, then rinse.
Tested under dermatological control. Non-comedogenic.