Cornflower Eye contour care


Cornflower Tensing and reviving eye care
This skincare combines cornflower and sleepy tree natural extracts, known for its reviving and smoothing properties. An oat extract was selected for its instant restoration of firming effect and ability to fight against the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Extracts of white lupine and alfafa were added to visibly smooth out the appearance of puffiness, optimize the skin’s tonicity and thus visibly improve the eye contour aspect. Apply morning and evening under and on the eye contour.
Tested under ophtalmological control.

Cornflower Eye contour radiance care [Dark circle diminisher]
Reveal the beauty of your eyes with this dark circle diminisher. In a wink, the light colored texture hides both the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, and reverses the visible signs of sleep deprivation in one go. As a skincare product, it contains cornflower and ash tree natural extracts, silicium and vitamin B3 to visibly improve the appearance of the eye contour while optimizing skin’s tonicity. With the fresh and soothing applicator, apply in the morning from the inner corner of the eye contour to the forehead. Blend color gently with your fingertip.
Tested under ophtalmological control.

Tested under ophtalmological control.
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Anti-fatigue patches
Erase the effects of insufficient sleep with the Anti-fatigue patches! The patch contains a cornflower extract and vitamins to gently awaken your eyes and reveal their beauty. A yeast extract directly works on the appearance of dark circles and the energy of the eye contour. The amazing texture provides an instant cooling effect that helps smooth the eye area while improving the microcirculation...
Use whenever needed in the morning on a perfectly cleansed skin. Leave on for 10 minutes then remove. Use it before a party or special occasion to increase the brightness of your eyes and minimize the signs of tiredness.