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Black Soap
Inspired from the traditional Moroccan knowledge, black soap is a scrubbing paste made from olives. Used with a special Kessa glove, it exfoliates the skin to remove dead cells and restores radiance and softness. The essence of eucalyptus invigorates the circulation and evokes the oriental hammam for total well-being.
Wet your hands and apply the black soap to the whole body. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse. Massage the skin with the Kessa glove, then rinse thoroughly.

Argan & Damas Rose body milk
This ultra-nourishing milk is based on Argan oil* and Damas rose extracts to fight free radicals, to protect from premature ageing and restore skin radiance.
Apply morning and/or evening to the body for a softer, smoother skin, with a subtle veil of oriental fragrance.

* Argan oil extracted from a fair trade issue.

Oriental body massage oil

Since the dawn of time, Moroccan women have used Argan oil as a beauty secret because of its protective properties against the abuse of the elements. Argan oil is the main ingredient of their beauty ritual, used to coat their hair and skin. Moroccan women already understood the value of this oil as precious and famous. With this body oil presenting an exquisite oriental fragrance, these women share their beauty secret, composed of Argan and Black cumin (Nigella) oils, for protected, better nourished and supple looking skin.
Spray on the entire body and massage in circular motions to promote better absorption and encourage relaxation.